Aura Bowl/Steam Roller

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As the name implies, this device has a distinctive quality about it. Striking lines and beautiful machining come together in a marriage of form and function. The Aura incorporates a unique “X” bowl shape designed to efficiently isolate the flames’ combustion resulting in a portioned and controlled ignition of the amount being consumed. The Aura has a four-inch stem with our iconic lobe grip and a central bore machined from the base of the shank to the mouth-piece button. In conjunction with the central bore, we have incorporated a carb intentionally positioned on the anterior surface of the bowl for ergonomic and functional practicality. Designed for travel or at-home use, the Aura has unparalleled strength and durability. Machined from 6061 aluminum and strengthened by anodize with .002″ build up, the Aura quickly dissipates heat transfer making use safe and easy to clean.

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