Daedalus Clapton Coil Tool

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The AvidArtisan Daedalus tool is by far the most helpful clapton wire tool you will ever buy! Furthermore, the included slides, clamp, and bearings make a myriad of other exotic coils MUCH easier to craft. Don’t have a drill? Not a problem. We are carrying the version with an AvidArtisan table drill, as well as a version without the drill, just in case you already have that covered. If you make your own clapton wire, YOU NEED ONE OF THESE! We guarantee it’s a purchase you won’t regret.

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The folks at Avidartisan have been working hard to further innovate their already revolutionary Daedalus Coil Jig, and have dubbed it’s successor, the Daedalus Pro. The Daedalus Pro features the new ability to use more than just 2 core wires in a clapton build by inserting one of the included cylinder wire guides into a precision machined hole inside the newly designed brass wire guide. This allows up to 3-4+ core wires to rotate both at the drill end, as well as the clamp end. Exotic coil configurations just got WAY easier with this innovation! Furthermore, the plastic jig features a cutout side, making it easier to install the core wires through the jig during setup. Another important difference is a greatly improved clamp which features not just a ball swivel, but a mounted ball bearing fixture on the clamp, aiding smooth rotation on the clamp side which normally would have to be purchased separately. Lastly, they’ve chosen to include our very own Lightning Vapes 40 AWG Nichrome wire to include in the kit. Includes everything pictured.

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